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Governors Information

As we currently have a vacancy for a Clerk to Governors, please contact the Chair of Governors, Lis Grandey (email:, or email if you have any queries or would like to know more about the work of the Governing Board.    

Scheduled Meetings May 2022 - April 2023


(Full Governing Board)

T&L/APMC Rescouces/SFVS
13/07/2022 11/05/2022 22/06/2023
29/09/2022 19/07/2022 28/11/2023
08/12/2022 15/11/2022 26/01/2023
31/01/2023 10/01/2023 15/03/2023
29/03/2023 06/03/2023 29/03/2023

Governing Board and Associate Members September 2022 - July 2023 and Governors whose term of office has recently expired   

Name Appointed by Governor Role Term of Office Registered Interests
Angela Hulme Diocese

Co Vice-Chair 

Foundation Governor 

Chair of T&L and APMC 

Lead Gov for Curriculum till 10/01/2023 


15/09/2021 - 14/09/2025 

Trustee, South Molton Municipal Charities 
Kevin O’Donnell  Headteacher 



(All Cttees) 


no end date 

HT at school, wife runs Empowering Early Years, and is a part-time lecturer at Petroc Tiverton and a TA role assessor at Petroc Barnstaple  
Rev. Dr Michael Grandey  Ex-Officio (Foundation) 

Team Rector 

Foundation Governor 


(invited to all Cttees) 

11/02/2014 - no end date 

Team Rector, South Molton Benefice, and Chair of PCCs, Vice-Chair of Trustees South Molton Cottage Homes, Ex-Officio Trustee South Molton Municipal Charities, Trustee Saunders Good Samaritan Trust, President Friends of South Molton Parish Church, Trustee Arts Destination South Molton, 

Ex-Officio Trustee Chittlehampton School.  Wife is a governor at the school 

Elisabeth (Lis) Grandey  Diocese 


Foundation Governor 

(All Cttees) 

Lead Gov for Personnel 

(Re-app) 06/11/2020-- 05/11/2024  Husband is Ex-officio Foundation Governor at the school  
Keith Crockford  Local Authority 

Co Vice-Chair 

LA Governor (Previously a Parent Governor) 

Chair of Resources/SFVS Cttees 

Lead Gov for Finance, Safeguarding and GDPR 


02/12/2020 – 


Owner/Partner Rock & Rapid Adventures, The Bucket List Company and The School Expedition Company  

Wife is a TA at the school

Maureen Burton  Diocese 

Foundation Governor 

(Res and SFVS Cttee) 

Lead Governor for Premises and Health & Safety 

17/06/2023 -  


Patricia (Trisha) Ford  Diocese 

Foundation Governor 

(T&L and APMC Cttee) 

Lead Governor for Pupil Premium (from 10/01/2023)  

17/06/2019 -  


Duncan Casburn  Elected by parents 

Till 05/03/2023 

Parent Governor 

(T&L and APMC Cttee) 

Lead Governor for Community and Parental Links, and a SEND link Governor 

Associate Member from 06/03/2023 

09/03/2020 -  


Parent Carer Forum, PDA Society, DIAS, Ambassador for Devon Carer
Katie Partridge  Staff appointment 

Staff Governor 

(T&L and APMC Cttee)

16/10/2020 –  


Teacher at the school 
Shelagh King  Diocese 

Foundation Governor 

(T&L and APMC Cttee) 

Lead Governor for SEND, Inclusion and Looked-After Children 

13/07/2021- 12/07/2025  None 
Malcolm Palin  Diocese 

Foundation Governor 

(Resources and SFVS Cttee) 

13/07/2021 - 12/07/2025  None 
Emily Burns  Elected by parents 

Parent Governor 

(T&L and APMC Cttee) 

Lead Governor for Curriculum (from 11/01/2023) 

09/11/2021 - 


Chantelle Crispin  Elected by parents  Parent Governor (T&L and APMC Cttee)

06/03/2023 - 05/03/2027

Owner/Director Home Instead

Deborah (Debbie) Leach 


Co-opted by Governors 

Till 22/07/2022 

Co-Opted Governor (Previously a Staff Governor) 

(T&L and APMC Cttee) 


08/07/2020 – 22/07/2022 


Teacher at the school till 31/08/2022  
Mary Tait  Clerk 

Till 31/10/2021 

Clerk to Governors 

(All Cttees) 

27/11/17 - 31/10/2021  Clerk to Governors at Pilton Infants' School Barnstaple, Company Secretary Three Valleys Learning Partnership, Spanish language services, sister works for Out of the Ark music publishers 
John Cundill  Diocese 

Till 29/09/2021 


Foundation Governor 

Lead Gov for Inclusion, SEND & PP 

(All Cttees) 


13/04/2019– 29/09/2021 

PCC membership Chittlehamholt (now resigned)



Appointed by 

Governing Board  

Andrew Woollacott   

Associate Member 


(Previously LA Governor and Chair of Resources/Lead Gov for Premises/H&S till 20/12/2019) 

21/12/2019 - 20/12/2023 

Business owner. 

Wife is a TA at the school. 

Gillian Haynes   

Associate Member 


(Previously a Parent Governor/Lead Gov for Parent & Community Links till 16/11/2019)  

17/11/2019 - 


Owner, Haynes Homework Hut  
Duncan Casburn   

Associate Member 


(Parent Governor/Lead Gov for Parent and Community Links/linked SEND Gov till 06/03/2023) 

07/03/2023 - 


Parent Carer Forum, PDA Society, DIAS, Ambassador for Devon Carers 

* Associate Members have not been given voting rights except when serving on First or Second Committee 

Attendance Record September 2021 – JuLy 2022




Emily Burns 4/4 1/4  
Maureen Burton 4/5   7/7
John Cundill 1/1    
Duncan Casburn 2/5 2/6 1/3
Keith Crockford 5/5   6/7
Trisha Ford 4/5 5/6  
Lis Grandey 5/5 6/6 7/7
Angela Hulme 5/5 5/6  
Michael Grandey 5/5    
Shelagh King 4/5 5/6  
Debbie Leach 3/4 4/6  
Kevin O'Donnell 4/5 6/6 4/7
Malcolm Palin 4/5   7/7
Katie Partridge 4/4 6/6  


Attendance Record September 2020 - July 2021 

Kevin O'Donnell FGB 7/7, T&L/APMC 7/7, Resources 3/3, SFVS 4/5

Angela Hulme FGB 7/7, T&L/APMC 7/7

John Cundill FGB 7/7, T&L/APMC 5/7, Resources 3/3, SFVS 5/5

Michael Grandey FGB 7/7

Lis Grandey FGB 7/7, T&L/APMC 7/7, Resources 3/3, SFVS 5/5

Debbie Leach FGB 2/5, T&L/APMC 6/7

Keith Crockford FGB 6/7, Resources 3/3, SFVS 5/5

Paul Bate FGB 1/1

Maureen Burton FGB 6/7, Resources 3/3, SFVS 5/5

Trisha Ford FGB 7/7, T&L/APMC 4/7

Duncan Casburn FGB 3/7, T&L/APMC 5/7, Resources 0/3

Katie Partridge FGB 4/4, T&L/APMC 4/5

Shelagh King FGB 1/1

Malcolm Palin FGB 0/1

Ethos Committee

Helen Jarvis, Kevin O’Donnell, Michael Grandey, Lis Grandey, Angela Hulme. 

Composition of Governing Body 

Type   Description  No  No of Vacancies 
STF  Staff 1 0
FOU/EXO  Foundation (to Incl Ex-Officio) 8 1
LA Local Education Authority 1 0
PAR Parent Governor  2 0
HT Headteacher (or representative)  1 0
CO-OPT Co-Opted  1 1
Total   14 2