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The study of mathematics involves engaging pupils in mathematical concepts, to reason, problem- solve and develop their fluent conceptual understanding.

Through the study of maths our pupils will understand how it is an essential part of daily life and how it acts as a fundamental aspect in science, technology and engineering, and needed for financial literacy and most forms of employment. Alongside understanding the importance of maths in the world, our pupils will develop a wide range of skills whilst learning the programmes of study.

To maximise children’s chances of success we aim to deliver a curriculum that develops a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical procedure and concepts for all learners- a teaching for mastery approach. Achieving mastery means acquiring a solid enough understanding of the maths that’s been taught to enable pupils to move on to more advanced material.

The National Curriculum for Maths is taught in our school. To make sure that we deliver a high-quality curriculum, that progressively builds upon learning from the previous year, we have decided to follow the WhiteRose scheme of learning. This is a quality resource that can be built upon using our teachers' expertise. We encourage our children to make connections between mathematical ideas by using the connective model. This means that they are involved in manipulating one or more of these four key components of mathematical experience: context, symbols, language and pictures to fully understand the concept taught.