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Vision & Values

Our school vision was updated in September 2016 when all staff, a range of governors and pupils contributed their ideas as to what the school vision and values should be.

The Pupil’s Ethos Group have written an explanation as to what our vision means.

Koinonia is the over-arching value which means we are like a family – when one person is sad, everyone is sad and when one person is happy, everyone is happy too. Koinonia is like the glue that sticks us together. The fingers and thumbs show our Christian values. When we experience these values we feel happy inside.

The 3 ‘Us’ show that we are all:  

  • Uniquely different – we are all different in our own special ways
  • United together – we will always be together as a family, regardless of what happens
  • Universally prepared – prepared for what the future might hold

If we are ill or in need, there’s always a friend for us. If there’s no person there to pick you up, you know that God’s there beside you.

The school’s vision and values underpin the work of the school and the relationships within the school. We treat everyone as an individual, with respect, kindness and understanding. We teach all children to treat one another in the same way.

We want all children to flourish by nurturing their talents and interests and by providing them with engaging, inspiring and excellent teaching and learning opportunities across the range of subjects.

We focus on our values throughout the school day, but pay particular attention to them during collective worship/assembly time and explore a particular value for half a term by looking at Bible stories and contemporary stories on that theme.

In our school hall we have two giant wall hangings, created by stitching 169 felt squares created by the children onto a large fabric hanging. Each felt square has a picture to represent one of our values and it embodies our value of Koinonia.  (See below for our visual representation of Koinonia.)

koinonia image