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Maths Mania Strikes

A day dedicated to Maths.  The children took part in lots of fun activities all based around Maths.   This includes Maths through Science where children took part in a Vitamin C extraction experiment via the titraction technique.  They also learned about water stratification by using the candy sweets skittles.  The children had to count out different coloured skittles, measure out the water and add the water to the skittles.  They then watched as the colours separated individually and produced a rainbow effect.  The water stratification element is all about how water has different masses with different properties and this created the barriers that the children could see as the colours of the skittles started to run.  It also produced a lovely colour run art work design. 

The pupils had a visit from Sciencedipity, a story teller that incorporated Maths into her stories.  In reception this was done by using prime numbers and getting the children to count throughout the story.  In the older groups children had to work out sums to continue the story.

The children all had a really great time and were dressed up in a number of different costumes all related to people who use Maths in their jobs, these included scientists, teachers, builders and nurses.