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SMUPS Football Club


The school prides itself on giving all players, new and current, an opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy the beautiful game!  The school provides KS1 and KS2 football clubs after school, as well as regular opportunity for the children to play in competitive games against other schools. Our KS2 age groups  are involved in a local league, which runs each academic year, while KS1 matches are organised throughout the school year.  As of Spring 2019, we have our first all girl's football club running after school with a view to becoming a centre of football for girls for the whole of the South Molton community. 

We currently offer football clubs after school on a Monday evening from 3-4 pm.  Mr O'Donnell and Mr Badham-Doyle take the boys club and Mr Paddon and Mr Bishop the girls.  The club takes place on our field or playground and started on the 16th September and will continue through the autumn, weather permitting!  The children will be working on their dribbling, passing, shooting skills as well as their ball control, awareness of space, tackling and defence.

Our school works closely with South Molton Football Club and are grateful to have coaches from the club referee our games, provide football skill sessions for classes and help promote sportsmanship values across our school. We feel that if your children enjoy the after school club and overall school experience that SMUPS provides, they will also love the opportunities that South Molton Football Club offer.

If your child is interested in joining South Molton FC,  you can find all the information you will need on their website click on the  link below.

South Molton Football Club