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Science news from Willow class

In science this half term we have learning about light! 

The children have discovered the difference between a light source and a reflector and how to tell which one is which. We had such a fantastic discussion about the sun and the moon and whether the moon was a light source, or in fact, a reflector. 

We then spent some lessons discussing and learning about how light creates shadows and how the size of shadows changes. To discover this, we created shadows in our classroom using a range of different materials in order to find out which material creates the strongest shadow. The children quickly found out that an opaque object blocks much more light than a transparent or a translucent object and thus creates a stronger shadow to work with. After that, the class spent time measuring shadows and changing the distance that the object was from the light source. We quickly discovered that the closer the light source, the larger the shadow and the further away the light source, the smaller the shadow.