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Year Six- Summer Term Overview

This term the children will be preparing to take their SATS assessments in Reading and Maths as well as completing writing pieces for their final assessments. The children have an opportunity to review their learning from Upper Key Stage Two as well as having bespoke and individualised support to ensure they are well prepared for secondary school.  

In English sessions, the children are studying the novel ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class.’ by Onjali Rauf which will look at issues such as migration, world issues and British values such as tolerance and respect. The children will be writing about the experiences of refugees, writing newspaper articles alongside descriptive writing. Later in the term we will be looking at extreme animals and poetry through the book ‘Cloud busting’. 

In Maths, following our SATS assessments, the children will be working on maths projects, including financial capability, bringing together an opportunity to utilise a range of maths skills in real- life concepts. 

In History the children will be looking at medical advances and how these have impacted life over the last 250 Years- they will be looking at major events such as the Black Death and the invention of antibiotics. 

In Art the children will be visiting Broomhill Sculpture Gardens to inspire them to create their own sculptures. During DT lessons children will be designing and making their own powered, alarmed vehicles.  

In computing children will be creating their own websites using Google sites and learning to use Tinkercad to creating their own 3d models. 

As a Christian School, the children will take part in daily collective worship, and will be leading a whole school collective worship on the school value ‘Trust’. Mrs Jarvis will lead RE teaching on How Jesus helped Humans and the concept of Faith. 

In Geography children will learn about National Parks and Volcanoes- a focus on local and global Geography topics.  

In Science we will be looking at Evolution and Inheritance, including a focus on adaptation and the fossil record. Following this we will be looking at humans and animals with a focus on the circulatory systems and heart. 

In PSHE the children will have a topic on growing and changing, with a focus on puberty and reproduction. Parents will be informed prior to this topic starting. 

In PE children will have the opportunity to take part in swimming, badminton, athletics and outdoor adventure activities. The children will also have the opportunity to attend local sports events and a week-long residential.