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We are the Reception class at South Molton United Primary School. We are always busy learning, using our spacious inside and outside areas. 

Our focus theme is 'Under the Sea' and we are thinking about all the things we find in the ocean. Our new book is 'What If?' which has been helping us to think about plastic pollution and what we can do to help prevent it. We have been designing machines to suck out all the plastic from the sea and designing posters to stop people throwing their rubbish in the sea. 

We are sharing our reading skills with our Year Six reading buddies too and showing them how much we have learned this year, using the sounds and words we know to work out sentences. We read the same story three times in a week with our buddies and show them how we get better, more confident and can talk even more about the story. 

We are welcoming new children who will start school with us in September, showing them all that we have to do and use here too.