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We are the Reception class at South Molton United Primary School. We are always busy learning, using our spacious inside and outside areas. 

We have launched into our new learning theme 'Hot and Cold' this new year with our focus story 'Betty and the Yeti'. We are learning and retelling the story using pictures, our own words and in our writing. 

We are focusing on measure in our Maths learning. We have been challenged to build the tallest tower and are using equipment to measure and record how high our towers reach up. We are developing our understanding of height and skills in working as a team.

We thought about how we could change water to ice and tried putting containers of water outside, in the fridge and in the freezer. We predicted which container of water would freeze best and make the hardest ice. 

We have been extending our skills in the making and dough area, using tools and spending more time to make our creations even better. We write labels to describe what we have made and display them ourselves.