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Elm& Apple- Year 3

Your child's journey enters KS2 this year! Wow, where has the time gone?

This year, your child will explore rainforests in South America, learn how to create a circuit and even become a Roman gladiator!


Learning for Autumn term

- Writing: Using ambitious vocabulary and building interesting sentences using adverbials

- Reading: Reading 'The Boy who grew dragons' 

- Maths: Place value and methods for addition and subtraction

- Science: Electricity 

- RE: The Creation Story

- Geography: Jungle and Deserts


Please look below to find out about your child's homework

- Two reading books per child (they can quiz using Accelerated Reader at home)

- Weekly spellings (test every Wednesday)

- Daily Timestable Rockstars 

- Pre Teach Youtube video


We hope your child has a great term!


Miss Dekker & Mr Paddon




  1. YEAR 3 Curriculum Planning Overview.pdf
  2. Lesson-1-Tenths-as-decimals-Wednesday 24th worksheet.pdf
  3. Lesson-1-Answers-Tenths-as-decimals-2019 Wednesday 24th Answers.pdf
  4. Lesson-1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions thursday 18th.pdf
  5. Lesson-1-Answers-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-Thursday 18th.pdf
  6. Lesson-2-Making-the-whole-Friday 19th June.pdf
  7. Lesson-2-Answers-Making-the-whole-Friday 19th June.pdf
  8. Lesson-3-Tenths-Monday 22nd June.pdf
  9. Lesson-3-Answers-Tenths-Monday 22nd June.pdf
  10. Lesson-4-Answers-Count-in-tenths-Tuesday 23rd answers.pdf
  11. Week 2 home learning letter grid.docx
  12. Week 2 home learning.docx
  13. Year 3 Read First Parents and Children letteroverview.docx
  14. Year 3 Read second Parents and Children letter.docx
  15. Year 3 Spellings Summer 2 2020.pdf
  16. Monday PLace value Ordering number sheet.pdf
  17. Tuesday add and subtract 1.pdf
  18. Wednesday add and subtract 2.pdf
  19. Thursday add and subtract 3.pdf
  20. Year 3-RE.docx
  21. Lesson-4-Count-in-tenths-2019 Tuesday 23rd.pdf
  22. Week 3 Home learning 17th June.docx
  23. Elm Week 5 Home learning week beginning 1st July.docx
  24. Week 5 over view grid Elm 1st July.docx
  25. Year-3-Week-8 for week beg 1st july.pdf
  26. Lesson-1-Answers-Order-fractions-2020.pdf
  27. Lesson-1-Order-fractions-2020.pdf
  28. Lesson-2-Add-fractions-2020.pdf
  29. Lesson-2-Answers-Add-fractions-2020.pdf
  30. Lesson-3-Answers-Subtract-fractions-2020.pdf
  31. Lesson-3-Subtract-fractions-2020.pdf
  32. Lesson-4-Answers-Problem-solving-with-addition-and-subtraction-of-fractions.pdf
  33. Lesson-4-Problem-solving-with-addition-and-subtraction-of-fractions.pdf
  34. Elm Week 6 and 7 Home learning week beginning 8th July.docx
  35. Week 7 and 8 over view grid Elm 8th July to 17th July.docx
  36. The Lighthouse KS2 Activity Pack - KS2 Activity Pack.pdf